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Our trip to the “Frist European young research” in Vigo

On the 19.11.2019 we started our trip to Vigo. By bus we were driven to Munich Airport, there we flew to Madrid where we stayed to catch our plane to Vigo.
Finally arrived in Vigo, we went to our hostel and set up our rooms, then we had dinner in a great local restaurant, where many of us for the first time tasted the Spanish cuisine.
At the following day, we were driven by bus to Colexio Plurilingüe Alborada, where we were welcomed by Mrs Pastora Carrera Gándara. Her students excitedly showed us their modern and large school. In school, we were presented the impressive research work of the students, where we found out more about the physics surrounding light. Afterwards all of us had lunch, we went to the beautiful beaches nearby Vigo. There we were able to see the replicate of Christoph Kolumbus‘ ship with which he changed the world forever.
The next day continued with a guided tour through Vigo and great views of a city full of history. Afterwards the young research team went to the School of engineers where the students presented us their oral expositions. Many of them were completely in Spanish which helped us to enhance our Spanish skills. At the end of the day, there was a Spanish dinner.
The following day, Friday the 22nd of November, we had many oral expositions in which we were thought-provoked about so many different aspects of life. At the end, every student was given a certificate and we enjoyed the rest of the day with a walk through Vigo and great foods with all of the participants of the Erasmus+ project.
On Saturday we again had breakfast in our hostel. Afterwards, we went to the Cíes Islands. There we had 7 hours, to enjoy the view and the marvellous untouched nature.
We were impressed by the Islands and informed about the fact that those Islands earlier were the end of the World for our old World. For the rest of the day, we had the chance to see Vigo in Christmas anticipation with the lightning of the Christmas lights.
On Sunday we went back to Germany with great experiences as well as a hope for more.

We are very thankful and glad that the whole Fachoberschule Lindau and thus us was given the chance to attend the Frist European young research in Vigo where we learned so much not only about Spain itself but Vigo and the Spanish culture. More than school could have ever taught us. We furthermore give thanks for the great organisation and scheduling, everything was perfectly planned and worked without any problems.
As a result, the whole school is looking forward to the next trip to Barcelona in February.

¡Muchas gracias! and greetings from Lindau

Written by: Dennis Bünyat